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  1. Setting up ZSH for Live Reload for F# and Fabulous

    • Terminal
    • CLI
    • ZSH
    • OhMyZsh
    • F#
    • Fabulous
    • Mobile Development
    • Xamarin

    So yesterday I had the pleasure of not only speaking at NDC London but watching my good friend Jim Bennett talk immediately after me on Mobile Development in F# using Fabulous.

  2. We only went and won Hack Manchester 2018!

    • Hackathon
    • Hack Manchester
    • Women in Tech
    • Success
    • Failure
    • Learning
    • Code
    • Time Machine

    Last year you may recall I wrote this post about my experience at Hack Manchester 2017. My mentor and I worked together to create a mobile app aimed at helping women going through menopausal symptoms track their hot flushes and change in mood to help them, their support network and medical professionals spot patterns. You can read that post for more detail.

    This year, Clare and I were back for Hack Manchester 2018. This post will discuss our experiences (Spoiler Alert! The result is in the title ;)).

  3. Azure DevOps with Xamarin Part 1

    • Azure
    • DevOps
    • Pipelines
    • Repos
    • CI
    • CD
    • Deployment
    • Xamarin
    • Cloud

    I wanted to write this series a while ago but knew DevOps was in the works so now it is out, here we are! :)

  4. An Introduction to UITest

    • UITest
    • Testing
    • Xamarin
    • Automation

    This is an article I wrote on Medium recently so that my employer dunnhumby could share it to their own Medium publication to showcase posts by their employees. But this is my main blog so wanted to share it here for you as well.

  5. I gave a long talk and it was not as scary as I thought!

    • Public Speaking
    • Experience
    • Xamarin
    • User Group
    • Mobile Development
    • Cognitive Services
    • AI
    • .NET

    In Spring 2018 I made the decision to go a bit Carpe Diem and submit a Call for Papers (CfP) on two of my favourite technologies, Xamarin and Cognitive Services, to ProgNet 2018 in London . This is a big .NET conference organised by Skill's Matter who's CTO is none other than the legendary Dylan Beattie. He is a well known face in the .NET speaking circuit, speaking regularly around the world and organising the London .NET User Group.

  6. Road to Microsoft MVP - My Journey

    As many of you know from Twitter, I became a Microsoft MVP on 1st June 2018. It's still kind of crazy to think about even a few days later but I wanted to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences that led me to get here. Many of you reading may be dreaming of becoming an MVP yourself and this might give you some idea of what you can do too.

  7. Trip to Microsoft Build - Days 5, 6 + 7

    • Seattle
    • Build
    • Travel
    • Microsoft
    • Conference
    • Xamarin
    • Tourist

    Hello again everyone! I have decided to group together the last 3 days of my trip as I think it will all easily fit into one page if I am sensible. So let's go!

  8. Trip to Microsoft Build - Day 4 - Keynote time

    It's that time in this series! Day 4, Monday morning. Time for the keynote! I set off bright and early for WSCC in the hope of making the front row. Being 'vertically challenged' as they say means if I am too far back I always have heads in the way.